STREET ART inglese

STREET ART inglese


Street Art is an artistic expression that takes shape in public spaces, such as streets, walls and stations.   Red trousers and slippers on the feet, a giant man breaks the wall of a house in Silena, Malta with a rush, and his face will appear about 700 km in Italy, in Sapri. The face shows itself in all its tiredness and despair. It is the double mural of the French streetartis MTO, with the emblematic title “the tunnel of the Mediterranean”. The artist was  inspired by the journey of migrants who every day with the hope to reach  northern Europe. “Malta takes the dead and sends the living to Italy,” MTO writes in the description of the photos on the Facebook page referring to the struggle between Malta and Italy in helping migrants. (During Letta government, the port of Valletta refuses to accept a damaged dinghy while the Italian premier gave the consent for the landing in the port of Syracuse.

Sapri is a country rich in art (of various kinds) one of which is street art that makes the streets more beautiful and interesting. This Street art was created by Milu Correch and  it represents a woman and in the background we can see a tree. The peculiarity is that this street art was made on the wall of a house still inhabited.


A cura di:  Teresa Crusco e Priscilla Spaltro.



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