The monumental area of Santa Croce is a mape up of several buildings located in an archeological area where there are ruins of a large Roman villa. The buildings are: an observatory tower called “Specola”, a building in neo-Gothic style  once used as a school and a church.The Santa Croce complex was built by a benefactor and was then held by the monks of the order of “Brothers Bigi”. It was an “astronomical observatory” since one of the monks(Father Candido) was fond of astronomy; the tower is formed by three overlapping rooms and a crenellated terrace, a spiral staircase connects the various overlapping spaces. On the terrace at present there are weather detectors.

Specola was restored in the 80s and has returned to its original form. Outside the walls are lined with an ashlar and it is crowned by 4 corner turrets. The shape of the tower recalls one of the towers of the Miramare castle in Trieste. Currently the Observatory closed and can be visited on request.In front of the observatory there are the ruins of a Roman villa and below there are underground vaulted rooms.

The building of Santa Croce was built at the beginning of the 20th century itis a large building and has been used for decades as a secondary school. It currently needs renovation. On one side of the building there is a beautiful church in neo-Gothic style with the interior decorated with frescoes. On the vault a starry sky is represented

The Roman excavations are the remains of an ancient villa owned by a Roman nobleman, built in the first centuries. On the side of the building that was used as a school there are the remains of a thermal building. Opposite, on the other side of the road, there are covered vaulted rooms overlooking the sea creating a terrace overlooking the bay of Sapri of incomparable landscape value.

A cura di Marika De Martino e Giada Palmieri

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